Jakarta Changemakers : We Are Back, Lets Teach!


Success on the first time 6 months ago, Jakarta Changes Makers is back on “Lets Teach” program. This time, we are supporting Tri Kusuma Bangsa Foundation to reach out the marginal kids located near Kota Tua, Jakarta Kota. The program has been started since February 2018 for 3 months ahead. Hopefully can continue after 3 months. Same as the first season, the kids are came from many backgrounds. Some of them are a student but mostly didn’t get English lesson at their school, and the others already get out from school because of economic problem. At the first meet up, we are facing problem on exact location to do this teaching activity. The foundation have tried to booked some outdoor area at Kota Tua near the Museum but it has stopped due to permittion problem. But, finally with good advise from our leader, since March we can use indoor place in front area of BNI, next to Jakarta Kota station.

Volunteers in small group


Volunteers in front of class

The class devided into 2 groups, moon class for the little kids grade 1-3 and the earth class for the adult one grade 4-6. Each class has 20-40 students with around 20 active teacher volunteers. The class start 2.30-4.30 PM every Saturday. As we are under Internations (Expat Community), obviously we are teaching English for the kids. The lesson started with numbers and alphabeth for the moon class and vocabs for the earth class. Now we are continuing with the vocabs and sentence. Next session we are willing to make them have confidence to speak English.

Teaching session in small group


Teaching session in a class

As usual, before start the teaching activity, we are as volunteer got a brief from our leader, Tari about the lesson we will share. After teaching season, we are review our lessons and the kids, then sharing idea for the next session. The kids looks so anthusiast, so does the volunteers. It makes the teaching activity goes smoothly and everyone feel happy. We often sharing laugh and smile too while teaching, sometimes sharing the gift or snack to encourage them. Its nice to sharing knowledge with the kids. Hopefully they can be a succesfull person in future.

Review after the teaching activity


Good luck kids…see you in brighter future

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64 thoughts on “Jakarta Changemakers : We Are Back, Lets Teach!

  1. Teachingβ€Šβ€”β€ŠIt’s about Inspiration, Not Information. β€œNobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” Theodore Roosevelt. Inget quote itu. Nice program ka Arlin. Semoga programnya sukses dan continue

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  2. Interesting…
    Saya selalu tertarik buat jd volunteer utk kegiatan sosial kaya gini. Apa daya hanya sampai batas meliput saja.. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…


  3. As a teacher i feel ashamed. I never joined this kind of programme before. Two thumbs up for you Mba Arlin, i really wish that someday i can join, i can be a volunteer just like you


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