Moyo Island, The Magnificent Hidden Paradise in Sumbawa Indonesia

Lucky you. You don’t need a passport to see all these beauties. All the beaches and mountains are yours, here in your country for free, so enjoy it”.

Suddently, I feel so proud of my country, Indonesia when I saw this video on a youtube channel showing how happy are, those tourists when traveling in Indonesia. Yeah, why don’t I realize it before? I am so blessed have born and live in Indonesia with all those beautiful natures. That magic sentence actually drive me for traveling to Moyo island, Sumbawa in 2017 with my travel mates. We were just known each other but the same passion for traveling has made us like have known each other for years like sisters and brothers. How the journey to get there, the magnificent hidden paradise in Moyo Island, Sumbawa ? I will tell you my story to describe it.

Ten of us had a meeting point at the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. We bought the ticket from, because it is as easy as click the button on the application, purchased and paid online. Woohoo…we arrived at Lombok Internationl Airport to begin our journey. Once you get there, you can enjoy some beautiful destination in Lombok island first, while waiting the next departure time by boat to Moyo island. There are ancient villages, beaches and waterfalls to enjoy in Lombok. With the road trip around 2 hours to Poto Tano harbor at the north Lombok island, the boat will take us first to the main island, Sumbawa which is 2 km far away to the north of Lombok island. They are in Nusa Tenggara Barat province with a total 8 islands surrounded. Then, our journey continues from Pantai Gowa harbor at Sumbawa island. We were transit at the famous island, Kenawa which has an exotic landscape with its golden savanna and hill in the summer and becomes green in spring. We can see the beautiful view from the top of the hill where there is surrounded by ocean and islands. Our last destination to stay is the magnificent Moyo island which is 2.5 km far away can be reached by motorboat for 1 hour from Sumbawa island with a cost around IDR 60K each person.

The magnificent Moyo island became famous when Lady Diana visited this place, then followed by another local and foreign artist around the world. There are bungalows for IDR 300K or the only resort Amanwana which Lady Diana stayed. What makes this Moyo island became magnificent is, its complete package of travel for luxury or backpack. The stunning sunset with its golden sky can be seen from the shore, in front of your bungalows or resort. The clean beach with various corals and crystal clear water will lead you to swim or dive to the bottom of the sea. You can see the small sand island Takat Sagale in specific time. The convenience came from the local people which is so friendly when they served rare food like delicious seasoning deer meet. Want to challenge your adrenalin? Walk for 1 hour or rent a motor cycle driver for IDR 100K to the waterfall. The most beautiful waterfall I ever saw, Mata Jitu waterfall has a terraced natural jacuzzi with clear water. You can swim like in the private pool in the jungle. The most magnificent of all is, its quite and peace full place where you can only hear the voice of nature with its jungle and origin animals. The memories will stay in your mind and will drive you to come back again to this beautiful island.  

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