“Jejak Hidup”


I’m actually a shy & quiet person, especially with the stranger. That’s why people who don’t know me yet will think I’m an introvert. Well, it’s quiet right sometimes that I’m an introvert person. But when you really know & close to me…you can shocked by laugh, thought & crazy things about me.

I’m a realistic person. Have dreams but never live in dreams.  So that’s why I’m not too interest in comics, novel or fiction story. I prefer true story, biography or drama than super hero story as I’m a realistic person not a day dreamer.

Romantic, love this much. Will really love a man who can treat me so romantic. I can love deeply but can forget quickly when get hurted as realistic as I can be.

Love everyone, even for an enemy. Will love & like as much as I can get. But when you hurt me, nothing can change my mind that you’re never exist in this world.

Love to think and  will spend much time for thinking, debat or discuss for a serious things like politics, economy or life.

Love eating seafood, pizza & durian so much. Love sport such as jogging or swimming. Love writing of my thought as my legacy.

~ You can be smart but people will know you from what you write ~

Arlindya Sari